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SocialBoothSetup-2.5.56.exe - 12-12-2022

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.51.exe - 06-15-2022

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.50.exe - 06-02-2022

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.48.exe - 02-26-2022

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.47.exe - 12-24-2021

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.45.exe - 12-10-2021

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.41.exe - 03-28-2021

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.40.exe - 12-13-2020

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.38.exe - 09-28-2020

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.37.exe - 09-17-2020

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.35.exe - 09-01-2020

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.34.exe - 07-28-2020

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.32.exe - 06-12-2020

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.32.exe - 06-12-2020

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.29.exe - 04-14-2020

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.25.exe - 01-23-2020

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.23.exe - 11-18-2019

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.18.exe - 06-18-2019

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.12.exe - 04-12-2019

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.10.exe - 03-30-2019

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.6.exe - 03-16-2019

SocialBoothSetup-2.5.1.exe - 03-05-2019

SocialBoothSetup-2.4.99.exe - 02-15-2019

SocialBoothSetup-2.4.97.exe - 01-28-2019

SocialBoothSetup-2.4.96.exe - 01-16-2019

SocialBoothSetup-2.4.95.exe - 12-26-2018

SocialBoothSetup-2.4.89.exe - 08-27-2018

SocialBoothSetup-2.4.79.exe - 03-01-2018

SocialBoothSetup-2.4.78.exe - 02-28-2018

SocialBoothSetup-2.4.77.exe - 02-18-2018

SocialBoothSetup-2.4.74.exe - 01-09-2018

SocialBoothSetup-2.4.72.exe - 11-21-2017

SocialBoothSetup-2.4.68.exe - 09-19-2017

SocialBoothSetup-2.4.66.exe - 07-20-2017

SocialBoothSetup-2.4.65.exe - 07-10-2017

SocialBoothSetup-2.4.63.exe - 06-21-2017

SocialBoothSetup-2.4.60.exe - 03-23-2017

SocialBoothSetup-2.4.54.exe - 12-07-2016

SocialBoothSetup-2.3.2.exe - 11-11-2014

Change Log

- Added Pay with QR Code for Photo Booth Cloud
- Added internal EMAIL and SMS services
- Added Test SMS button
- Photo Booth Cloud enhancements for Booth to Phone and Booth to Website.
- FB Client API updates
- Removed Client Twitter due to Twitter API restrictions
- Improved SMTP Email support
- External Survey browser update
- Added Support Sendgrid HTML Templates
- Sign Photo Color selection fix
- 90 degree roation in templates fix
- Added Support for EOS Kiss X10i / EOS Rebel T8i / EOS 850D / EOS Ra / EOS R6 / EOS R5 / EOS Kiss M2 / EOS M50 Mark II
- FB client fix
- Survey Data fix
- SMS "&" fix
- SMTP Test email fix
- Facebook API update
- Email Queue fix
- ***IMPORTANT Update for Sendgrid.  Sendgrid now requires you to create and use an API key instead of your password.  Details on how to create an API key can be found here:
You also need to verify your sender identity.  Details here: 
- Facebook Update
- Modified contactless QR code options to allow for email only and sms only as well as the ability to add a disclaimer.
- Added contactless features for starting the booth and sharing via QR code
- Email Validation for survery fields
- Rebuild queue/email bug fix
- Emoji and color fix for portrait orientation
- Added ability to have QR Code in Display Only mode, not printed on photo for no-touch contact-less booths
- Added Emojis to Mirror Booth Sign Photo
- Added ability for users to change color of signature in Mirror Booth Sign Photo
- Added Background Removal without green screen
- Added ability to change countdown color (Not when DSLR video is enabled)
- Removed Quit button from Operator screen
- Added Test Print button in Template Tab
- Added Send Test Email Button in Settings
- Added ability to select which files get uploaded via External API
- GDRP question 2 not shown if blank
- GDRP functionality updated.  Yes/No saved with data if question not required. No data saved if question is required.
- Added ability to set Settings hotspot to "doubleclick"
- Added White Balance to DSLR camera settings
- Added New Event Wizard screen to load preset events for Mirror, Gif, Video, Green screen & Defaults
- Added button in Registration tab to email full serial # to email address on file
- Added Email check for double @@
- Cursor now jumps to clicked location in text fields
- Added support for EOS M200, EOS M6 Mark II / EOS 90D
- SMTP Port 25 fix
- Facebook Client Fix 
- User Twitter Fix
- Client Twitter Fix
- Added Approve Photo for 1 shot templates
- Sharing Timeout changed to inactivity timeout and works on every screen
- Added ability to set time for Thanks screen
- Added support for EOS Kiss X10 / EOS Rebel SL3 / EOS 250D / EOS 200D II 
- Re-added Pause Before shot
- SMS update
- Smugmug browser update
- Text/Filter/Overlay fix
- Added ability to Review Each Photo and retake or accept
- Portrait Gif fix
- Twilio API Update for TLS 1.2
- Facebook Client Update for expiring access tokens
- Camera Settings update
- Update for External Flash Mode
- Updates for AF errors
- Updates for Camera disconnect errors
- Updates for Camera settings not sticking in General Settings
- Bug fix for hitting touch to start too quickly resulting in no photo be taken
- Added ability to set higher resolution GIFs
- Improved standard GIF quality
- Added ability to enable/disable GIF overlay
- Update for Snap Camera.  Select Snap Camera Virtual Device for video source.
- Layout fix for Age Gate in Portrait mode
- Added GDRP/Terms & Conditions editable checkboxes for Email sending
- Added Snapchat Filters with the use of webcam and the Snap Camera program
- Added option to show preview of photo taken in Video Host/Mirror Mode
- Youtube bug fix
- More Mirror video fixes
- More Mirror video fixes
- Mirror Animations recompressed for Windows Update Media File bug
- Added larger AV selections
- Portrait mode image flip fix
- Fix for gifs
- FIx for triggers and DSLR
- Fix for gifs playing fast via SMS
- Multi-event selection with HD webcam bug fixes 
- Smugmug fix for pathnames containing spaces
- Camera Connection bug fix
- EOS M50 video support
- Facebook  API update
- Added Youtube for video uploads
- Video Upload now work for SMS and Twitter as well as Email and Facebook
- Added support for EOS M50 and T7
- Smugmug API update
-  Gif overlay fix with Custom filters
- DSLR Video too short fix
- Added support for uploads to External APIs 
- Smugmug added to Rebuild Queue
- Microsoft Lifecam update
- Added ability to show disclaimer before survey
- Fixed intermittent SMS not sending on slow connections
- Fixed back bug with triggers enabled
- Added ability to Split Disclaimer & Survey. i.e. Show Disclaimer before session and Survey after session.
- Fixed bug with dubsmash/DSLR photo/HD webcam video
- Added ability to shift Keyboard up for Portrait Mirror Booths
- Fixed Age Gate bug for dd/mm/yyyy
- Fixed Survey after Age Gate bug
- SMS no longer uses Imgur links. 
- Powershot flash firing fix
- Powershot Manual settings configuration now avaialble
- DSLR video delayed live view fix
- DSLR video length fix
- SMS display fix
- Fixed pointer error during zooming in live view
- Twitter message increased to 280 characters
- Added ability to use external web based survey like SurveyMonkey
- Added Age Gate to Surveys
- Added ability to show survey/disclaimer before session
- Fix for SMS sending wrong photos on slow internet connections fix.
- Email GIF as video in queue bug fix
- SMS update
- Imgur/Twilio fallback updated
- Added support for EOS Kiss X9i / EOS Rebel T7i / EOS 800D / EOS 9000D / EOS 77D
- Fixed bug where SMS would send previous photos on slow internet connections
- Animated GIFs now posted directly to Facebook without 3rd party host
- Animated GIFs for client FB, now posted directly to videos
- Added Smugmug Queue
- Admin Password field now masked for security
- Last 5 digits of serial now shown in registration tab
- Capital letters work for triggers now
- Video preview with overlay fix
- Photos with GS + DSLR video bug fix
- Autoprint with sharing timeout + sign photo fix
- QR code jumping in strips fixed
- Custom filter GIF fix
- SMS Offline Queue fix
- SMS fix
- HD dubsmash fix
- Portrait GS fix
- Undo button added for Sign Photo
- Made social and print buttons inactive while sign photo is active
- Added ability to play random video hosts
- Faster Custom filter processing
- Faster Boomerang Gif Processing
- T6i video fix
- Webcam portrait and square fixes
- T6i support for DSLR video
- DSLR video support for non "i" series cameras. ie. t3, t5, t6, etc..
- DSLR video no longer needs to have camera set to video mode.  Camera should be in photo mode for DSLR video now.
- DSLR video fix
- Delayed saving of photo in customized folder when sign photo is enabled for better integration with Photo Booth Connected
- Fixed dubsmash with video overlay bug
- Fixed multiple print selection with animated gifs/animated overlay bug
- Text editor bug fix
- Multiple capture/review swf fix
- Mirror Booth adjustments
- Portrait green screen overlay bug fix
- template width bugfix
- Fixed font movement in templates
- Cloud access code now added to uploaded FTP file name when used together
- Added abiility to use a text file database of access codes for pay to print
- Added support for the EOS Rebel T6 / EOS 1300D / EOS Kiss X80, EOS-1D X Mark II, EOS 80D
- Added ability to select whether to upload originals to Smgmug
- Fixed portrait attract mode video 
- Hold burst gif on capture screen until done processing to avoid accidental sharing before complete.
- Added Mirror Booth Attract video and video host
- Added ability to sign photo in Extras tab
- Added Pay to Print options in Triggers tab
- Portrait Frames fix
- Portrait square gifs fix
- HD Webcam Dubsmash positioning fix
- Text Font size bug fix
- Made Gif to video length longer for Instagram uploads
- Added HD webcam video recording
- Portrait Animated GIF fixes
- Template editor fix
- Photo Roatation improvements in templates to match layout editor.
- Burst Mode Gif as video overlay bug fix
- Animated GIF animated background bug fix
- MMS no longer shows link in message, only photo
- SMugmug API update
- Logo transparency fix
- Portrait mode burst gif overlay fix
- Non 3:2 live view bug fix
- Gif video bugfix
- Burst Mode GIFs changed to 2 secs.
- Gif video bugfix
- Greenscreen animated GIF video bugfix
- Greenscreen animated gifs w/animated overlays & mirror bug fix
- Reprint bug fix
- SMTP port 587 fix
- Square Live View fix
- Gif as video fix
- Video overlay in preview fix
- Video Mode Suvey bug fix
- Gif Cloud code bug fix 
- Added ability to show gif overlay during live view
- FB API fix
- Added Event ID for Galleries in PB Cloud
- Fixed dubsmash lyric placement in portrait mode
- Added 5 sec delay before print button can be used again
- Fixed Burst Mode Animated GIF sharing.
- Added "Pause After Shot" to allow people to change props in between shots.  Touch the live view to start the countdown again.
- Added Burst Mode Animated GIFs
- Added position and size for lip sync video live view
- Added vertical position for lip sync lyrics
- Added Random # option to Template text for raffles.  Each print gets a different #. #'s not shown on sharing. Filename and codes are stored in the data folder.
- Dubsmash overlay fixes
- Portrait mode video host fix
- Ability to swap webcams with different event settings in layout selection
- added external command trigger to Share screen
- Added Marryoke/lip sync/dubsmash video option
- Photo Booth Cloud fixes
- Fix for frames in multi-template selection
- DSLR video fix
- GIFs play inline in FB
- SMTP email bug fix
- Overlay in Slomo video fixed
- Added Azerty keyboad option in Display tab
- Green screen 0 second review bug fixed
- Animated Gif as video display bug
- Fixed template photo rotation bugs
- Added ability to change "Printing" message text
- Fixed slomo bug when going in and out of settings
- Portrait mode green screen fix
- Added more survey questions
- Greenscreen blur and expand return
- Greenscreen live view performance updates
- Greenscreen live view performance updates
- Added Clear Queue and Rebuild Queue from data file options.
- Added Greenscreen Interactive shot to reuse previous photos as GS backgrounds
- Added support for USB 3.0 slomo cameras
- Added Green Screen Scale and Place
- Added ability to disable live view green screen removal for slower PCs
- Live View Green Screen removal bug fixes for portrait mode
- Added support for t6i
- Added live view green screen removal for DSLR
- Made AF error more user freindly
- Advance filter fixes
- Added "Custom" filter in Filters tab to call external ImageMagick scripts or Photoshop droplets.
- Added error checking for mac resource files in greenscreen folder
- Added Light Painting in Extras tab.  Uses both webcam and DSLR but set Camera to DSLR
- Added ability to use webcam as live view for green screen when in DSLR mode
- Touching attract mode video will start session if only photo or only video are used.
- Removed FB Caption to comply with FB's policy
- Added backup host for SMS when Imgur is down
- Date Format text fix
- Logo on strips bug fix
- Logo Importing updates
- Added ability to change size of template in Template Editor
- Portrait mode template editor bugs fixed
- Missing template background bug fixed
- Visual Template editor background color bug fixed
- Visual Template editor added
- Mirror mode for webcam 90 rotation fixed
- Gifs with animated overlays/backgrounds + save GIF as video for email now loops 3x to insure long enough video for Instagram
- Fixed missing overlay in Square GIFs
- Twitter API fix
- Fixed missing buttons
- Fixed webcam missing alert with no webcam and watch folder
- Fix FB album uploaing for client FB.
- Fixed missing video countdown
- Face Morph Animated GIFs offically released.
- Add more options for "Type on Photo" Mode in Extras.  Font, Size, Position and Color of text is now customizable.
- Watch Folder GS fix
- Watch Folder with no dslr fix
- Disclaimer will now show when all sharing options are disabled
- PB Cloud fix for offline mode
- Added support for 7D Mark II
- Animated Overlay bug fix for GIF only mode
- When using triggers to start a session, the back button will start the photo session again without requiring another trigger.  It will also be disabled if the photo has been already printed.  For commercial booths, this allows users to retake photos, but not if it has already been printed.
- Last sent queue.txt files are now stored in SentQueue folder
- Data file fix for time & Date with video
- Wait for file trigger file fix
- Added ability to use Flash swf buttons and backgrounds.
- Added option to make single shot frames Display Only and not be used on template
- Morph mode now works with Green Screen
- Added Watch Folder
- AutoStart Live View w/ DSLR video missing live view bug fixed
- Added optional hotspots for settings and reprints on Start Screen
- Added Face Morph Mode for 2 shot templates
- Made Window title display -Printing while program is printing for AHK scripts
- Contest mode fix
- Added Max Wins for Contest mode
- Added ability to have lower probabilities in Contest mode. ie .01 = 1 in 10000
- Animated overlay gif performance tweaks.
- Client FB uploads will no longer show up in the feed annoying client's followers. Photos will still be uploaded to the albums just won't show a post onthe wall for every upload.
- FB fix for profile information in reports
- FB update to temporarily support legacy custom FB App IDs not yet approved by FB.  UPDATE YOUR APPS
- "Look at camera" added for webcam
- Added ability to use contest mode and coupon mode at the same time.
- More FB Graph 2.x updates
- Added "Share to Print" option
- Added Coupon mode to print a different trmplate than is shared
- Uploads will retry several times before going to queue
- Less delay when taking DSLR photos
- Removed on screen flash simulation
- SMTP email queue bug fix
- Added checking for camera in video mode for DSLR video
- Added Bcc option in Email
- Animated Gif w/ Animated backgrounds sharing preview fixed
- Added Option to display "Look at camera" with x seconds left in countdown
- Print size fix for selecting GIFs while filters are off.
- Fixes for quick touches of Save & Start and live view
- Fix for QR code size in strips
- Added ability to convert Animated Gifs to videos 
- Updated FB functions to comply with FB Graph API 2.2
- Removed "Require Like" to comply with new FB API requirements
- Updated FB client upload for non album uploads
- Fixed GS bug for layout selection
- Made default FB app ID name "Photo Booth Uploader"
- Square Gif layout fix
- Gif only mode tweaks
- Added ability to disable Win 8 charms from appearing on right edge swipe
- Added loading text for Layout Selection
- Made Submit, Next, Facebook, Email and SMS upload buttons external
- Larger SMS message field
- Added SMTP option for Email
- Match Game + Survey bug fixed
- Match Game + FBClient bug fixed
- Surver + Multiple Choice + Disclaimer bug fixed
- Gif only duplicate auto prints fixed
- UPDR200 fixes
- Added slomo video. 
- GIFs posting to client Twitter in Gif only mode
- Fixed offline queue bug for cloud uploads. 
- Multi GS & Frame layout fixed for 1600x900
- Photo assignment dropdown fix
- Survey fix for video only
- GS Overlays show in thumbnails
- GS Overlay live view fix
- Photo assignment dropdown fix
- Added Dave Hill Effect to Advanced FIlters
- Preset fix
- GS Blur/Expand fix
- FTP now uploads mp4 and jpg of video as well as wmv
- Advanced Filter/Animated GIF selection bug fix
- Reprint Trigger/autoprint bug fix
- Update for Imgur's new format to allow GIFs to now play inline in Facebook
- Unsaved preset template issue fixed
- Greenscreen overlays with > 6 backgrounds bug fix
- Twitter API fix
- Added ability to enable/disable MMS
- Added ability to dynamically insert Cloud access code in email
- Added ability to set camera Av, Tv, ISO and AF modes from settings.
- Twilio now sends MMS (US & Canada).
- Fixed survey answers not saving if autoshown after sharing
- Fixed video playback positioning
- Added Animated Backgrounds for Green Screen Animated GIFs
- Fixed printing bug when printer settings are saved with template and display as strip is enabled.
- Fixed placement of animated gif in portrait mode
- Fixed portrait cropping of landscape shots in template
- Fixed non-mirrored portrait custom live view
- Added Face Match Mode
- Fixed Video playback positioning
- Fixed issues with multiple video hosts
- Scaling issues with DSLR video enabled fixed.
- Advanced filters in portrait photos fixed
- Fixed Smugmug login error
- Fixed loading of attract Mode video
- Added Extras Tab for ... extras
- Added Video Host Mode
- Updates for Surface Pro Cameras
- Updates for Surface Pro 3
- Added Contest Mode to show special template at define probability
- Added Attract Mode video option
- Fixed Done Button y value not saving
- Fixed GS rotation with portrait backgrounds and camera -90 degrees AND DSLR
- Added fallback for unsaved template presets which will reload unsaved data
- Fixed GS rotation with portrait backgrounds and camera -90 degrees
- FTP Bug Fix
- Update for PB Cloud 
- Fixed live view with mirror frames enabled
- Added ability to move and resize photo and video buttons.  NOTE: new procedure for using hotspots.  Hotspot check box must be enabled to use hotspot instead of buttons
- Added ability to move, resize and use hotspots for Back button and Done button
- Added ability to define different size and location for preview of photo in Share screen than the size of the live view
- Added ability to have non 3:2 ratio live view for DSLR
- Mirror issues fixed for new filters
- Added Mirror Frames for live view
- Fixed Live view position for when DLSR video is enabled in portrait monitors
- Fixed single filter bug 
- Fixed stretching issue with photos when using DSLR video
- Added more filters!  Advanced filters like warhol, night vision, thermo, cross process, cartoon, sketch, pixel art, comic book, lite brite and picasso.
- Added ability to add a filter to Animated GIFs
- Fixed error message when reprint trigger is used with multiple print selection
- Passwords are now obscured after saving
- Added ability to email report files
- Added QR Codes
- Added Photo Booth Colud
- Added ability to ask user if they want to take a video after their photo session.  
- Added check for missing photos in SMS queue
- Added Animated GIF Overlays
- Added speed settings for Animated GIFs
- Added ability to make square Animated GIFs
- Animated Gifs upload in line to Twitter
- FTP bug fixes
- Update to allow for camera to be reconnected after disconnect without restarting the program
- Fixed missing thumbnails when individual GS selection is enabled.
- Fixed review screen showing when review time is set to 0
- Fixed printing issue when gifs are selected and filters are disabled
- Fixed display issues when using strips with the Sony UPDR200
- Fixed Tv/Av settings resetting when going in and out of settings when using external flash mode.
- Fixed aspect ratio with photos in DSLR video mode
- Fixed missing back button in filters screen 
- Fix for surface pro built in webcam
- Fixed bug with Filters disabled
- Chromecast bug fix
- Fixed double uploads if survey is shown after upload
- Fixed FTP video uploads
- SMugmug & FTP will now upload both GIF and Photo regardless of which is chosen
- Added Chromecast support
- Dual monitor portrait mode issues fixed
- Fixed "All shots not assigned bug"
- Made Event Management a lot easier
- Added ability to Load & Save events without starting a session
- Added Admin password to have program run in Operator mode, with no admin settings available, only event selection.
- Added External Flash Mode to increase Live View Exposure for low light situations
- Added ability to save photos to SD card
- Fixed Webcam 1x1 stretching
- Fixed problems with Microsoft Lifecams not saving settings
- Fixed layout bug for with sharing timeout in 1024x1280
- Final photo will be displayed for short while when sharing, print button, filters and gifs are disabled
- Added "Default" button to reset settings to defaults.
- Added support for EOS 70D
- WIndow title now changes with name of screen background to facilitate AKH window spying

- Added Profiles via "Layout Selection" screen.  You can now define hotspots on a screen to swtich between templates, allowing the user to select strips or single shot or even a Color/B&W selection screen before the session for example.
- Added ability to have multiple "Capture" & "Review" screens and Audio.  Check the "1.2.3" in the Backgrounds tab and name your files with a -2.png, -3.png...-2.wav, -3.wav ...etc...
- Added "Basic" and "Advanced" modes for Backgrounds & Audio to be able to either define a single folder or individual backgrounds. 
- Added abilty to define a location for Audio files outside of Assets
- Added ability to turn off Live View
- Added ability to show thumbnails of each photo taken

Photo Templates
- Reworked Template selection screens for greater ease of use
- Added A LOT more layout templates
- Default Template layouts are now stored in the program install directory
- Added "Quick Select" Layout preview/selector
- Added ability to not use a tmplate background and just use white
- Removed "Template Transparency"  Use overlays to create layered effects.
- Added ability to save printer settings with templates so when using layout selection, strips can automatically cut while postcards won't

- Added ability to have more than 6 Frames

- Added ability to turn selection of # of reprints from triggers on and off
- Added ability to stop back and forth printing of different flters with "Only allow single filter to be printed per session"

Green Screen
- Added roation for GS selection when camera is in portrait rotation
- Added ability to have more than 6 GS backgrounds
- Added ability to automatically cycle through backgrounds

- Improved Trigger reactions when Live View is enabled

- Moved Filters to its own tab
- Added ability to select which filters are used

Animated GIFs
- Moved Animated Gifs to its own tab
- Added Animated Gif Only Mode to skip filter selection and act as an animate gif booth.  You still define a template for the number of shots and you can set it to auto print to still enable a physical print, but social media will be gif only
- Added support for 2 image Animated Gifs

- Added Client Twitter
- Video uploads to Twitter are back
- Combined User FB & Client FB Tabs to make room for...
- Added Pinterest
- Added ability to prepend a country code for SMS
- Now uploading photo to client FB, client Twitter, FTP, Smugmug even if user selects GIF

- Added Multiple Choice questions to Surveys

- Added ability to have custom keyboard buttons for the 4 buttons in the bottom row but place a CustomButton1.txt, CustomButton2.txt etc.. with the text you would like to be on the button in the text file.
-  FB Like dialog fix for portrait layouts
-  Fixed layout issues for 1360x768 and 1280x768 screens.
- Temporarily disabling Twitter and SMS for video uploads until a new video hosting service is found to replace broken yFrog.
- Event Name is now prepended to filename for FTP uploads.
- Fixed button location for autodtart live view in portrait mode 
-  Added error checking for missing print template backgrounds
-  Adjustments for 1600x900 monitors
-  More Twitter updates
- Fixed layout issues for 1024x768 screens
- Added missing dll for Gifs
- Adjustments for Twitter API changes
- Fixed memory leak issues when using Animated Gifs.  Should fix random crashes whn using Gifs.
-  Added ability to save and load event settings.  The settings for each event are now saved in c:\SocialBooth\_Settings.  You can now set up multiple events in advance, and load the settings file when needed.
- Counters in Reports are now Event specific.
- Fixed GS bug when 0 seconds used for image review
- Added Monitor Switching for multi-monitor setups.  If monitor is smaller than 1920x1080, place it to the left, tops even for both monitors
- Added # prints popup for reprint trigger key at "Touch to Start" screen
- Added ability to have the number of prints divided by 2 for reprints and user chosen # of prints to aid in confusion when strips are being cut.
- Fixed SMS upload errors for batches of 50 or more.
- Fixed F1 when Live View is enabled on Start Screen
- Fixed issue where video button would trigger video if set to be a hotspot even when video was disabled.
- Fixed video conversion to mp4 issue with event names with spaces.
- Adjustments for Twitter API changes
- Added ability to have non-3:2 ratio images in templates that will autocrop
- Fixed frame bug
- Fixed rotating 90 degrees in webcam mode bug
- Tweaks for buttons and F1 while Autostart Live View is enabled
- Made sure print button is disabled when surveys/disclaimers are used until done
- Adjustments for stretched webcam photos
- Added "Frames" feature to allow user to select frames for single shot templates
- Added ability to show Survey/Disclaimer after sharing, when done button is pressed.
- Videos now saving in .mp4 format.  Depending on the speed of the PC, .wmv may still be used if encoding is not able to perform fast enough
- Videos sent as attachments in email, bypassing the yFrog upload.
- Error checking for queued SMS
- Fixed missing assets
- Update for FB API change for creating albums in FB client.
- Added ability to use a jpg or png as the disclaimer text as well as a .txt file
- Greenscreen layouts fixed
- Webcam greenscreen ratios fixed
-  Live View Green Screen removal added for Webcam
-  Green Screen selection thumbnails evenly distributed when less than 6   backgrounds are used.
-  Added Manual shutter release to take photos manually with DSLR
-  Offline Queue errors fixed
-  Fixed live view crash when idle for 30 mins
-  Made autoprint stop if back button is used to select a different filter to curb abuse
-  FB client popup sticking fixed
-  Allow for survey to be shown even if all buttons are disabled
-  Allow FB client and FTP to upload even if all ofther sharing is turned off
-  Fixed "browser download" error with Twitter
-  Fixed email keyboard hanging if used after Twitter
-  Videos now uploaded in Client FB
-  Thanks screen timing fixed
-  File names now have same timestamp in Originals, Customized, GIFs and GreenScreen Folders instead of having spearate timestamps.  Final Strips will be yyyy-mm-dd-secs.jpg. Original photos in same session will be labled yyyy-mm-dd-secsA.jpg, yyyy-mm-dd-secsB.jpg, yyyy-mm-dd-secsC.jpg, etc. Indivdual Greenscreen photos will be labeled: yyyy-mm-dd-secsA-GS.jpg, yyyy-mm-dd-secsB-GS.jpg, yyyy-mm-dd-secsC-GS.jpg. GIFs will be labled: yyyy-mm-dd-secs.gif
-  More portrait mode layout tweaks
-  Fixed video hanging when lauto show live view is enabled
-  Fixed Gif frames
-  Updates for slow connection logins
-  Portrait mode layout fixes
-  Asset folder will no longer be overwritten on updates so custom artwork will remain in tact
-  Fix for Invalid Pointer Errors
-  Missing filter images fixed
-  Fixed portrait mode layout inconsistencies
-  Minor tweaks for small resolution monitors
-  Allow for 8 frame animated gifs
-  Fixed missing caption with FB video
-  Fixed back button bugs with video and/or single shots
-  Fixed issue with portrait layouts
-  Fixed external back button
-  Fixed video time not saving
-  NEW UPDATE procedure.  An alert box won't show every time an update is available anymore.  Instead, a download icon will appear on the registration tab and there will be a "Download Update" button.
-  Uninstalling Social Booth will now ask to delete settings and registration info for a clean install.  This does not affect updating, only uninstalling.
-  Added ability to use custom RGB values for non-green chroma key removal
-  Portrait mode tweaks
-  Fixed Print Counter in Reports
-  Fixed GS Overlays out of sync
-  Fixed FB Client Queue in offline mode
-  Line Breaks are now used in Email Message
-  Basic HTML formatting now allowed in Email Message
-  Missing Y/N Buttons added
-  Live View Timing adjustments
-  Portrait Survey fix
-  GS Webcam fix
-  Fixed rotation in print templates
-  Added Yes/No as a survey question answer option
-  Added disclaimers
-  Added COM Port option for triggers allowing for physical buttons to be used with a USB to serial port connection
-  Added number of pulses to Triggers
-  Added delay after trigger option
-  Live View will automatically reset when "Auto Start Live View" is used for more than 30 minutes with no user interaction
-  Added ability to expand the FB "Like" button for languages where "Like" is a longer word.
-  More fixes for Invalid Pointer Error
- To help stop "invalid Pointer Errors" make sure to disable "Image Review" in Camera settings, rather than the default 2 seconds.
- Added support for the EOS Kiss X7i/EOS 700D /EOS REBEL T5i, EOS Kiss X7/EOS 100D/EOS REBEL SL1
- Added error checking for #Preview errors when webcam is set but not available
- Fixed Twitter login errors in Portrait mode
- Portrait mode alignment fixes.
-  Fixed image being flipped on screen when printer orientation doesn't match template orientation.
-  Moved countdown timer in front of modals at small resolutions
-  Layout fixes for 1280x1024 
-  Twitter API fix
-  Tweaks to combat "Invalid Pointer Operation" error
-  Fixed missing video timer and stop button when no border is used.
-  Added "Allow Session Retakes" in General Settings to allow user to retake photos 
-  Added Num Copies in print tab for multiple autoprints
-  Made Social Media, Photo, Video, Back and Done buttons external in /assets/buttons/.  You can now replace them with your own buttons with the same name
-  Improved performance transferring photos from camera to speed up time waiting in between shots
-  Fixed "video only" being checked by default, resulting in cropped live view
-  Now saving individual Greenscreen photos to c:\SocialBooth\GreenScreen
-  Now saving full 2 column 4x6 strip image as well as 2x6 to the customized folder for reprints.
-  Added GreenScreen Overlays for 2 layered GS removal to place objects in forground for each scene.
-  Live view autostart/select bg GS bug fix
-  GS bug fix
-  Printing will now sense portrait or landscape from printer and auto rotate without having to go into control panel.
-  Portrait Mode tweaks
-  Bugfix for single GS Background usage
-  Added Green Screen removal
-  Added Triggers
-  Added Rotate Print option.
-  Added Upload Timeout
-  Disbaled Print Button after first print
-  Added higher quality default audio prompts
-  Fixed customized photos not being saved when all features are disabled other than auto print.
-  Emergency FB API fix
-  Now preventing users from click social media buttons while survey is being asked
-  Bug fix for large live view resolutions
-  Added Stop button during video recording
-  Fixed video still image flip bug
-  Added hot key "p" to reprint last session when at "Touch to Start" screen
-  Fixed multiple uploads (original & filter) to client FB, FTP, Smugmug etc..
-  Fixed missing photos when all social options are disabled
-  Added Auto Start for Live View in Touch to Start Screen
-  Aded ability to touch Live View to start Photo or Video session
-  Fixed email validation issues with addesses like
-  Fixed Twitter counter in Reports
-  FB Like fix
-  Emergency FB API fix.
-  Removed Back button from social screen in video mode
-  Fixed video background bugs
-  Fixed Photo Template Background not changing prior to save
-  Preventing user from hitting Return key when entering email adding extra line
-  Added Powershot support ***Must run program in XP compatibility mode***
-  Added Portrait monitor support
-  Fixed missing GIF overlay in saved file when using mirror mode
-  Fixed video location when running in 90 deg rotation with non default live view
-  Fixed errors if printer tweaks left blank.
-  Added Back Button
-  Fixed autoprint not working when all upload features are disabled
-  Fixed get Ready Screen not switch back after 1st shot
-  Added Auto reconnect for Smugmug when enabled
-  Added Max # Prints per Event to limit total prints for unattended booths.
-  Added Printer Tweaks for margins and scaling 
- Fixed startup error if webcam is missing and webcam mode is selected
-  More Data Collection added.  All Emails, FB Logins, Twitter Logins, Phone #s, Survey Answers plus FB Gender, FB age range, FB Location, FB Name are stored in Data Folder  for each event and are accessible from the "Reports" tab
-  Layout display bug fixed for portrait non-cut
- Adjusted for 3 shot Animated Gifs
-  Template preview tweaks
-  Added template preview
-  Added ability to import xml Templates from Breeze and Photo Booth Owners  Design Shop
-  Added Audio Prompts.  Checkbox next to each screen background.  Audio files are located in c:\program files (x86)\photo booth solutions\social booth\assets\audio
-  Added ability to rotate Camera 90deg or -90deg
-  Added "Auto Show Survey" to have Survey appear without having to click on an upload button
-  Added "Email" check box next to survey questions to indicate if field is an email address so it will auto populate the 1st email field in Email upload.
-  Fixed photo rotation save bug
-  Fixed some template save bugs
-  Added support for 1280x1024 and 1280x720 monitors
-  Added Video Only Mode
-  Made bottom 3 filters external for customization in c:\program files (x86)\photo booth solutions\social booth\assets\filters
-  Added Overlay for Animated GIFs
-  Fixed mirroring.  Now flipping back in final image.
-  Added Rotation for Photo Layouts
-  Fixed Smugmug Uploads
-  Fixed Client FB login error
-  Made room for 2 lines of questions in surveys
-  FTP field hilights in Setting fixed.
-  Fixed startup error if Autostart checked and no camera present
-  Expanded Email Message field in Settings
-  Added support for non Engish characters in upload messages & captions
-  Fixed Survey Title not Saving
-  Fixed GIF BG not showing
-  Added Animated GIF Mode for multishot layouts
-  Fixed filtered image not being printed in strip mode with 1/2 checked
-  Added option for shutter sound
-  Added Mirror Mode option
-  Added ability to hide cursor
-  Added Auto Start mode to bypass Settings on program start up
-  Fixed check boxes not sticking when jumping around settings
-  Fixed Client FB counter not incrementing
-  Disabled Queue uploading if Internet not present
-  Now using actual photo for preview and not last live view image
-  Added support for Canon T4i
-  Fixed client FB login error
-  Fixed bug when photo border is not selected
-  Fixed placeholder photo appearing if all services are turned off
-  Fixed DSLR Mode live view position bug
-  Fixed bug if user cancels FB permissions request
-  Fixed squished photos if Filters are turned off
-  Fixed autprint from printing multiple times
-  Webcam preview photo now uses actual photo rather than last frame of live view
-  DSLR Mode tweaks
-  Fixed custom BG & Print Template names not saving
-  Misc. bug fixes
-  Filter Bug Fixed
-  More Print Template bugs fixed
-  Print Template bug fixed
-  Initial Release