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Event or Location Marketing

Opportunities to display your marketing message at an event or your location should be fully taken advantage of. Since your time will likely be filled up with talking to potential customers, getting passersby attention is critical. Many people may not have time to stop at your booth, so presenting your message to them via your photo booth advertising will bring in leads you likely would have never received.

Don't let them walk by!

Photo Booth Advertising
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Display Advertising


Promote your Brand

Adding interstitial ads to your slideshow will help get your marketing message out or introduce your sponsors to your potential customers. Choose to have your marketing messages displayed as an image ad or video. These display ads will be displayed at timed intervals on a loop so new passersby will see your message. Photo booth advertising with BYO Booth is an easy and effective way to communicate your messsage with potential customers.

BYO Booth software is easy to use and comes with a ton of useful features.

Photo Booth Advertising Features


BYO Booth Photo Booth Software

BYO Booth is a leading photo booth software that is easy to use and contains a full array of features. From hashtag printing to commercial photo booth advertising.

So many creative ways to attract visitors attention and keep them engaged. Download a free trial today to find out for yourself!

BYO Booth Features:

Get Passersby Attention
Display Image Ads
Display Video Ads
Easy to Setup
Hashtag Printing
Instagram Video Support
Hashtag Contest Mode
Multiple Hashtag Support
Much More


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