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Photo Booth Filters


Have Fun!

Get creative with Photo Booth Solutions basic to advanced photo booth software filters. Choose from 17 different photo booth filters to liven up your photos. Have fun experimenting with them all. Your friends will be amazed with all the filter options available. When you become an advanced Social Booth photo booth software user, enable the custom option to create your own photo booth filters!

You can use photo booth filters to enhance your photos or add some flair and fun to your photos!

Photo Booth Filters
Basic Photo Booth Filter

Basic Photo Booth Filters


Photo Booth Filters you Expect!

All the standard basic photo booth filters are included with Social Booth. These include color, black & white, sepia and a variety of Instagram inspired vintage filters. Our basic photo booth filters are very simple to enable. All you need to do is check some boxes and start the photo booth session. You can enable up to 6 photo booth filters.

After the photo session, the user can preview and choose which photo booth filter effect to use.

Advanced Photo Booth



Get Artistic!

If you are in a really creative mood, try enabling some of the eleven advanced photo booth filters. The advanced photo booth filters include cartoon, sketch, Warhol, Dave Hill, night vision, thermo, pixel art, comic book, mosaic and cross process. Just like the basic photo booth filters, simply check the boxes next to the filters you would like to be enabled. You can preview each filter after the photo booth session and choose the one you like best. Users will have the option of applying up to 6 advanced photo booth filters.

Photo Booth Filters:

Black & White
Vintage Filters
Dave Hill
Night Vision
Pixel Art
Comic Book
Cross Process
Much More


Advanced Photo Booth Filters

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